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We are a next generation gallery for the digital age.


With all the features you need

Changing the art world, forever. We offer artists the latest technologies to build a following, share their art, discover new local artists, and purchase art of their own.

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Instant Sharing

Create virtual galleries and instantly share them with your friends

Virtual Auctions

Our platform allows all artists to host public auctions and sell NFTs

XR Art Services

We will turn your art into 3D models and add them to your website, for free.

Latest Technologies

We utilize the latest Augmented Reality, AI, and Blockchain technologies

Gallify's powerful and easy to use platform

We are built for local artists. We make it easy for anyone to discover new local art and artists through our marketplace and augmented reality.

More Features

Bring your art to life with creator technologies

Create a virtual gallery and send it to all your friends in an instant. Anyone can create a public gallery, or share it via url.

Cloud-based Art hosting solution
Intelligent offline app capabilities
Instant Virtual Gallery Sharing

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